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Founded in 1974, our scrap company has become the leading name in scrap metal and our metal merchant services are now called upon by countless private and public sector firms, but the question is – what can the Melbourne Metals team do for your Birmingham based organisation?

Using the latest and greatest technology, we can expertly handle, store and dispose of a range of ferrous, non-ferrous and high specification metals. Scrap metal, including all stainless steels, all nickel alloys, complex metals and alloys, aluminium, copper, brass and steel, can be processed efficiently and cost effectively leaving your Birmingham business to reap the rewards.

Whilst our work within the engineering and fabrication sectors is renowned, our scrap company also specialises in offering various metal merchant services to aerospace clients and our systems can be tailored to process small and large quantities of aerospace scrap. Whatever industry your organisation resides in, there are a number of benefits that can be harnessed by enlisting a scrap dealer like ourselves.

Take advantage of increased scrap metal revenue, enhanced transparency, expert handling, improved health and safety, reduced environmental risks, prompt payment and ultimate peace of mind by contacting our metal recyclers today on 01332 862 989 or simply email