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Have you been searching for a scrap metal recycling and swarf management service to assist your Tamworth based organisation? Look no further than Melbourne Metals! Our team is fully qualified and highly experienced in delivering the latest and greatest techniques and technologies in scrap metal management, and thanks to this, we are the chosen metal merchant for a number of businesses not just in this area but in the rest of the UK.

Our specialism in the engineering, aerospace and fabrication markets also means new and existing clients throughout Tamworth can confidently invest in our services and facilities time and time again. We have the resources and people you need to create a solid foundation for the future, after all you have your own obligations to fulfil when it comes to the disposal of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and high specification alloys. Our WAMITAB qualified experts can assist from start to finish, and support many businesses with the collection, removal, recycling and storage of all types of scrap metal, including stainless steel, nickel alloys, complex metals and alloys, aluminium, copper, brass and steel.

The wide range of metal recycling services provided by our team go hand-in-hand with a number of benefits. Our systems ensure your Tamworth business can get the highest value for recycled materials so you can increase scrap revenue, whilst our segregation reporting means transparency and tractability can be harnessed every step of the way, even when processing different metal types. We also set the scene for improved handling, health and safety, and environmental standards, with our team able to utilise our own swarf management systems to process, handle and store metal swarfs, turning and reverts.

For a reliable service, fair and prompt payment, and ultimate peace of mind, enlist Melbourne Metals today. To get started with a no obligation consultation and site survey simply call 01332 862 989 or email